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New Features

EnableX v1.4 comes with new features listed below:

Auto Reconnect

In case the internet disconnects momentarily or switches from one network to another (e.g. from 4G to WIFI) , the SDKs will attempt to restore the connection without any user or programmed intervention.

The developer may enable or disable the auto-reconnect feature or set the delay in seconds after a disconnection prior to a reconnection attempt. Once the auto-reconnect feature is enabled, no additional APIs can be called in response to event changes.

Auto Bandwidth Management

In order to the provide best user experience within the available bandwidth, the system will try to optimize the picture resolution, frame rate and the number of streams that can to be shown to the end user.

Please note that the system will not try to optimize the streams carrying Share and Canvas data.

The SDKs will provide event notifications when there are changes in link bandwidth conditions affecting the quality of the call so that developers may show this information to end user if desired.

New player will also show updates done by the SDKs on the panel.

Stream Statistics

The SDKs player now contains detailed analytical data about the stream including bandwidth, packet loss and other vital information that Auto Bandwidth Management System uses to optimize the information.

This information is useful for debugging purposes.

Resolution Change Alert

SDK will notify the application in case of changes in picture resolution, e.g. if a HD call is downgraded to SD due to available bandwidth.

User Role Switch

A moderator can now assign the “moderator” role to any participant in a group mode. This is typically useful for controlling the recording feature if original moderator plans to leave the meeting.