Client API

Client API are means to connect to EnableX Media & Signalling servers using a valid Token for carrying out your video session.

Client Toolkit

The communication between client endpoints and EnableX infrastructure is enabled using Client API. We have toolkits for following platforms.

Web Toolkit

JavaScript Toolkit for Client End Points to build Web applications with Real Time communication services.
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Android Toolkit

Toolkit to develop native Android Applications to enable RTC Communications.
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iOS Toolkit

Toolkit to develop native iOS Applications to enable RTC Communications.
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How the Authentication works?

  1. When you develop an applicaton you first generate a API key using the EnableX portal.
  2. Within your application code, you need to first pass the API key to the EnableX platfrom via your application server. Post which the token exchange happens.
  3. The communication between the client application and Signalling server happens only when a token is valided by the platfrom.
  4. The Toolkit helps the Client Application to get connected with Signaling Server using Secured Web Sockets (wss://).
  5. Upon successful Socket Connection, the Token is passed over the Socket for validation. Once the token is validated, all other Real Time Communication processes starts.
  6. Note that a Token is valid only for a single session i.e. until the Socket is disconnected either explicitly or implicitly. For all new connections, a fresh token is required.

Role of Application Server

Partners need to setup an Application Server which will be called by Client End Point Applications to get a Token. The Application Server will use EnableX Server API to fetch a Token and pass on to the Client End Point Application.

The Application Server needs to use the EnableX Server API to create/manage rooms as per the business need as well as for fetching various reports from the EnableX platform.

Important: For successful RTC communication in the browser, the application server needs to run securely on HTTPS only.