Class: EnxRtc

This Class is used in the application to connect to room.

To quick start initialize the Object of Class EnxRtc:

EnxRtc enxRtc = new EnxRtc(current-class-instance, RoomObserver-interface-instance,StreamObserver-interface-instance);
Parameter Description
current-class-instance Class application context
room-observer-interface-instance Reference of RoomObserver Interface.
stream-observer-interface-instance Reference of StreamObserver Interface.

Join Room 

The API allows developers to tune, users’ audio/video optimum communication quality with configurable parameters.

public EnxStream joinRoom(String token, JSONObject publish-stream-info)

Parameter Description
token The token value generated from server API
publish-stream-info PublishStreamInfo as described below
"audio":true,      /* Published with Audio */ 
"video":true, 	   /* Published with Video */ 
"data":false,      /* Text-Chat Enabled */
"maxVideoBW":400,  /* maxvideo bandwidth*/
"minVideoBW":300,  /* minvideo bandwidth */
"minWidth": 720,
"minHeight": 480, 
"maxWidth": 1280, 
"maxHeight": 720 
"audioMuted":true, 	/* Audio muted on entry to room */
"videoMuted":true,  /* Video muted on entry to room */
"name": "mystream"  /* Name of your local stream */
Return: Publish-Stream-Handle