iOS Toolkit

The iOS Toolkit needs be used to build native iOS Application to integrate Real Time Communication using EnableX Platform. This toolkit exposes functions, methods, notifications required to communicate with EnableX Signaling Servers and Media Servers using a Valid Token to carry out a RTC Session.To create token visit here.

Using the SDK

The EnxiOS directory contains the EnxiOS.framework iOS SDK, Add this framework in your project. The EnxiOS iOS SDK is supported in iOS 9 or higher. Xcode 9 and later.

Installation using Cocoapod

The EnxiOS iOS SDK is available as the Pod "EnxRTCiOS", for use with CocoaPods or You can download SDK here. EnxiOS is required to be added as Embedded binary as it is dynamic framework. Add the Enx framework in Embedded Binaries in Xcode project.

Note: To use EnxiOS SDK, add GoogleWebRTC and Socket.IO-Client-Swift(12.0.0) in your project.
(With pod name: pod ‘GoogleWebRTC’, '~> 1.1.27564’ and pod 'Socket.IO-Client-Swift', '~> 12.0.0' )

Different Classes of the Toolkit

The iOS Toolkit exposes the following classes:


EnxRoom class expose room level features and controls. To start the session one has to initialize the room instance.
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The API is used in the client endpoint to connect to room (conference room) hosted on EnableXServer to carry out Real Time Communication Session.
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EnxStream class provide video stream features and controls.
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