React-Native Plugin

The react-native plugin is used to integrate Real Time Communication using EnableX Platform into react-native application. This plugin exposes all required methods and their event listener to communicate with EnableX platform. You need a valid token to carry out a RTC Session. To create token visit here.

Install plugin through npm

Step 1- Open terminal
Step 2- Go to your react-native project directory
Step-3- Run Command - npm install enx-rtc-react-native — save
Step 4- Run command to link - react-native-link enx-rtc-react-native

After installing completed successfully, Import enx-rtc-react-native in your class where you want to access EnableX communication feature.

Example: import {Enx ,EnxRoom,EnxStream,EnxSubscribeStream,EnxPlayerView} from "enx-rtc-react-native";