Web Toolkit

Web Toolkit needs to be added into client endpoint HTML file that exposes the functions, methods and notifications to communicate with EnableX signalling servers and media servers, post token validation to carry out a RTC session.

Web Toolkit Extracted

  1. A minified JS file (EnxRtc.js): The standard library to communication with EnableX Signalling & Media Servers.
  2. A MAP file (EnxRtc.js.map): A map file that contains meta information to use js file.

Different Classes of the Toolkit

The Web Toolkit exploses the following classes:


This is the base class of the Web Toolkit. Additionally this class has methods using which a generic RTC Application can be deployed quickly.
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The EnxRoom class handles connection of Client End Point with Signaling Server, Local stream publication and Remote stream subscription.
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A EnxStream carries different type of media like Audio, Video and Data It gets transferred to remote end points through EnableX Media Servers where it’s played and interacted with.
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