API Routes

API Routes are the API path locations for executing various functions on Rooms, Call Data Records and recording Archives.
  1. API definitions are organized in collections for CRUD Operations.
  2. All the response JSON shown in the API definitions below are only for successful execution.
  3. For All Error conditions met by API,refer Result-codes

API Versions

API Revisions are kept under different path, named after the Revision Version. So, url-slug for a version needs to be appended to the API Base URL to access a Collection.

e.g. version-slug for Version 1 is “v1”. So, to access “rooms” collection of version 1, your request URL will be:


Version Release Date URL Slug Description
Version 1.0 Oct 1, 2018 v1 This version features room management, token creation, cdr and archive reports.
latest This URL Slug currently maps to Version 1. Use it cautiously as newer version will automatically be mapped to this slug.


Our Server API currently has 3 collections, as given below:

Collections Description
Rooms All CRUD operations to manage rooms and create Token for a Room.
CDR To fetch CDR (Call Detail Report) with different filter options.
Archive To fetch Archive Reports (Recordings, Transcriptions, Chat Data, Transcoded File) etc. with different filter options.