EnableX is a host of Communication Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Software Development Kits (SDKs) for video communication, voice communication, SMS communication, and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based face analysis and emotion recognition.

As a product, EnableX offers video calling, voice calling, messaging, and face-AI features.

EnableX also offers Service Administration (CPaaS), which provides you APIs and SDKs as basic building blocks to add communication capabilities such as voice calling, messaging, and video conferencing to your applications. With EnableX, you can easily manage your communication with the low-code platform, UI kits, meetings, webinars, and hiring solutions.


UI Kits - Video calling is easy with UI Kits

The user interface kit (UI Kit) contains various design elements. A Video UI Kit enables you to quickly develop Video UIs without the need to go through the vast API documentation and deal with all the complexities that you may come across during the UI development process. It provides an easy way to get started with video user interfaces.

Low-Code - Easily integrated video calls into your apps or website with Low-Code

Low-code is a development method that transforms textual coding into visual code. A low-code environment relies on model-driven, drag-and-drop interactions instead of technical coding. EnableX Video Embed low-code is an easy-to-use Video Calling App that comes with powerful conferencing, collaborative, and reporting functionality. With just a few clicks, you can create one-to-one or multi-party video meetings in any application or browser.

Custom Development - Customize your experience with SDKs

Custom software development is the process of designing, creating, deploying, and maintaining software tailored to a specific set of users, functions, or organizations. The EnableX Server and Client applications can communicate with each other using the Video SDKs. An extensive range of SDKs are available for developing web browser-based applications, mobile native applications, and hybrid applications. To determine the best network path, these SDKs use bi-directional signaling and media flow control.

FaceAI - Facial expression recognition for websites and apps with FaceAI

FaceAI is one of the most promising applications of artificial intelligence. It is one of the most advanced forms of biometric authentication, which is capable of identifying and verifying a person from a database using facial features. FaceAI makes video conversations more engaging with AI-based face analysis and emotion recognition. The EnableX API can easily be embedded with a wide variety of web and mobile applications to create innovative and engaging customer experience.

Communication Platform

A communication platform is a software system that facilitates communication externally and internally. EnableX offers Service Administration (CPaaS).

Service Administration

EnableX's Service Administration is the perfect tool for every type of communication. It enables organizations to embed collaboration capabilities with their enterprise applications, which allows them to create customized versions of Unified Communication (UC) solutions instead of using the out-of-the-box UC solutions. The service administration platform for live video, emotion AI, voice, and SMS offers API and SDK for web and mobile developers. It enables you to reach more customers, deliver better experiences, and optimize them.

Communication Solutions


EnableX provides Group Video Meeting and Webinar App access under the user license scheme. EnableX's Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) APIs are low-code APIs that provide users access to EnableX Video Meeting and Webinar. The UCaaS APIs help you easily integrate videos with third-party applications.

EnableX provides a variety of communication solutions as listed below

  • Low-Code
  • UI Kits
  • Webinar
  • Meetings
  • Hire

Core Features of EnableX

Let's take a closer look at some of the most prominent features of EnableX:

Collaboration Features

EnableX offers several collaboration features that can be integrated with your applications.

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is an essential feature of a real-time communication platform. In order to have a continuous broadcast screen, users must broadcast an extension in their app while the app is in the background.


Through collaborative browsing, both the moderator and the participants can navigate web pages simultaneously.

File Sharing

Users can share files with each other in the RTC sessions. File transfers can be initiated, canceled, notifications can be sent when files are available for download, and shared files can be received and downloaded.


With EnableX Whiteboard, application developers can easily deploy a whiteboard with streaming and collaboration between participants of a session. The library to deploy a whiteboard is available in Github and the Developer Center.

Group Chat

Participants in a session can exchange messages with one another. These messages can be exchanged in the following ways:

  • Public Chat: To send messages to all the connected users;
  • Private Chat: To send messages to a specific user;
  • Group Chat: To send messages to more than one user.

Custom Signaling

Your application might require to send instructions or data to one or more recipients of a session to deploy new features or a business workflow. For example, you want to create a Polling mechanism among participants. The Custom Signaling method enables you to build a utility that requires/mandates passing of messages among participants.

Canvas Streaming

With canvas streaming, you can create streams and publish them like whiteboards into a video room using HTML5 canvas objects.

Streaming Features

EnableX offers diverse streaming options that can be integrated with your applications.

HLS Streaming

Real-time HLS streaming helps your video session, meeting, or webinar reach a larger audience. Audiences receive the best quality video streaming based on their bandwidth. Video UIs can be embedded in a web page to define the view of your streaming.

RTMP Streaming

Utilize an RTMP stream to broadcast live video sessions to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, or other digital platforms. You can also define your custom layout for live streaming.

AI Features

EnableX's AI features offer enhanced user experience.

Live Transcription

EnableX offers live transcription of video sessions. The endpoints requesting live transcription can receive the speech-to-text content of all actively talking participants in a video room via a notification event. The speech-to-text content can be displayed in the user interface. This is beneficial for participants with limited language proficiency or difficulty in hearing. The transcript can also be obtained after the session.


You can annotate a remote stream.


AI-powered emotion recognition and face analysis enhances video conversations. To create innovative and engaging customer experiences, you can easily embed our API into web and mobile applications.

Voice Integration into Video Calling

With EnableX, you can join a video conference without internet access using your mobile phone or a normal landline/office desk phone.

EnableX APIs

EnableX's APIs power its communication platform. Your users can make video calls, audio calls, and send messages to anyone in the world with these APIs. EnableX has a host of APIs for video, voice, and SMS communication.

Video API

With EnableX's Video Service, application developers can create real-time and high-quality interactive video applications that work across web browsers, iOS, and Android devices. The Video Service Platform features APIs, SDKs, and low-code Embeds for rapid integration of video with business applications.

Voice API

EnableX's Voice API makes it easy to build cloud-based voice applications. You can integrate voice interaction into your existing website or app using the EnableX Voice API.


Through EnableX REST APIs, you can send and receive text messages among global users.

Service Administration API

The Service Administration API enables creation, management, configuration, and reporting of communication platform services by providing a programming interface.


EnableX's Video Meeting and Webinar Applications as well as their Provisioning Portal are accessible through UCaaS APIs. These APIs allow application developers to quickly integrate Video Meetings with their own Information Systems or applications.

EnableX SDKs

EnableX Server and Client endpoints can communicate using the Video SDK. A wide range of SDKs are available for developing web browser-based applications, native mobile applications, and hybrid mobile applications.


EnableX Web SDK integrates web applications with EnableX RTC sessions. As part of the SDK, a JavaScript library is provided with the APIs that are required to communicate with the EnableX Signaling Server and the Media Server to listen for the event-based notifications. The HTML pages must include the JavaScript library.

Android SDK

Android SDK integrates EnableX RTC sessions with native Android applications. The SDK APIs are used to communicate with the EnableX Signaling Server and the Media Server to listen to the event-based notifications.


iOS SDKs are used to integrate EnableX RTC sessions with native iOS applications. The SDK APIs allow you to communicate with the EnableX Signaling Server and the Media Server to listen to the event-based notifications.

React Native SDK

The React Native SDK is used to develop hybrid apps for Android and iOS. Various methods, features, and notifications are included in the reference.

Flutter SDK

The Flutter SDK integrates EnableX RTC sessions with hybrid mobile applications. During a session, plugins communicate with EnableX Signaling Servers and Media Servers to listen to the event-based notifications.

Cordova SDK

EnableX's Cordova Plugin integrates EnableX RTC sessions with hybrid mobile applications such as Cordova, PhoneGap, and Ionic. Plugins use APIs to communicate with the EnableX Signaling Server and the Media Server to listen to the event-based notifications.


The FaceAI SDKs are fast and lightweight. FaceAI enhances video conversations by analyzing faces and recognizing emotions.

FaceAI Web SDK

The FaceAI Web SDK lets you integrate facial expression and emotion recognition with any website and app. The application runs on any HTML5 supported web browser and does not store any biometric information.

FaceAI Android SDK

The FaceAI Android SDK quickly and easily adds facial expressions and facial emotions recognition AI to Android apps. It works within the app's UI and does not send biometric data to the server or store it on the server.


The FaceAI iOS SDK quickly and easily adds facial expressions and facial emotions recognition algorithms to iOS apps. It works within the app's UI and does not send biometric data to the server or store it on the server.

EnableX Terminology


Virtual meeting space within the EnableX platform to host RTC sessions.

Permanent Room

This room is always available for use once it is created.

Schedule Room

TThe room is only available for a particular period of time, which must be specified with a scheduled time and duration.

Ad-Hoc Room

This room can be instantly created. It is only available for a single call.


It represents a user's audio, video, or data stream.


It represents an event related to client-side entities:

  • Room Events: Represents events related to room connection;

  • Stream Events: Represents events related to streams within a room.


It represents the customisable UI element that can be used to render the stream in the DOM or View handler in the browser or Mobile SDK respectively.


A token is required for a client endpoint to join an RTC session on the EnableX platform.


Shared Number

A shared number allows users to instantly purchase a valid phone number for Caller Line Identification (CLI). Users can use that number as an inbound PSTN for calling into an EnableX room.

Dedicated Number

Dedicated phone numbers can be purchased by subscribers from the EnableX Portal, by subscribers, or ordered for their specified countries. Once a phone number is allocated to a subscriber, the default system IVR will not be necessary as the calls will be directly handed over to the application.

Virtual Number

Virtual Numbers are PSTN numbers, which appear as CLI on an end user's phone when the voice service application performs a voice call. Virtual numbers are also the dial-in phone numbers that the end-user calls to join a voice conference.


Webhooks are Asynchronous APIs that allow the EnableX servers to send you data on a defined event. A webhook may be the result of an earlier voice API call. For example, when the call is answered and your application needs to act on this event. Webhooks are also used to notify your application of events such as an incoming call.


The EnableX platform can bridge incoming PSTN calls with an outgoing PSTN call without an EnableX Room. In this scenario, it combines two calls via the EnableX app or platform.


EnableX provides the option of generating AI-generated speech by using our Text-To-Speech engine. The generated speech can be customized based on gender, accent, tone, and so on based to your requirements.


EnableX Rooms are designed for recording audio input from a PSTN caller or in-room conversations among callers.


EnableX endpoints are physical devices that connect to our network system such as servers, virtual machines, embedded devices, mobile devices, and desktop computers. These include our customers' endpoint or their clients' endpoint.