Low-Code Video Embed Integration

You can extend the Video Embed feature by adding your JavaScript libraries. You can add new features, functions, and UI/UX to Video Embed by using the Webhook Function framework. You can also pair Video Embed with an external CSS and a JavaScript library and execute them together. This allows users to customize the look and feel of their Video Embed and add new features or functions that may not be available in the base Video Embed. Additionally, they can extend video room events to integrate with other services and applications.

Video Embed supports the following integration capabilities:

  • Create Meeting Rooms: Video Embed URL has embedded Room-ID for Virtual Sessions. Your Application’s business logic and workflow might need many rooms to meet your requirement. Know how you create more rooms of different kind and how to embed them into your EMBED URL to get connected to different Virtual Rooms.
  • Query String Parameters: The Meeting URLs can be further qualified with Query String parameters to pass the feature list and other data to video meetings as required. For more information, see [Query String Parameters for Video Embed].
  • Communicating with Embed: The communication channel enables two-way communication between the IFRAME Embed and the Parent Window, allowing real-time updates and notifications.
  • Extend Features and Functionality: Video Embed can be extended using the Webhook Function framework to add new features and functions or update existing features, UI, and UX.