Manage SMS Resources

With reference to the above section, you know that different types of resources you need to subscribe to by placing an order or request to get for free to receive and send SMS. Follow the sections given below to be explained on ordering and requesting processes:

Request SMS Template

An SMS template is a type of message template that contains content that you can define, save, and reuse to send messages.

For Trial Users: ENABLEX Test Template is auto-assigned as the template during the trial. Once the account is upgraded, you can make New Template Request to get your own dedicated SMS template.

To place your request for an SMS template, follow this:

  • In the My Projects sidebar, select SMS.
  • Select Resource from the dropdown menu options.
  • This action opens the Template List for Outbound Messages page. This page displays a list of all applied, approved SMS Templates.
  • On this page, click on NEW TEMPLATE REQUEST Tab.

  • This action will open Post New Template for Review page.

  • Select your Country of operation.
  • Enter Template Title for reference.
  • Select the Template Type from the drop-down menu options.
  • Enter the SMS Body. A sample SMS body is given for your reference.
  • Click on SUBMIT Button.

  • The request for SMS template approval sends to the admin. Once approved, the template is displayed in the template list with the status fulfilled.

Request Sender ID

A Sender ID is an alphanumeric string that appears as the sender's name in an SMS. For an in-depth understanding of the Sender ID and its significance, refer to the SMS FAQs.

For Trial Users: ENABLX is set as your default Sender ID. After upgrading your account, you can request your personalized Sender ID.

To place your request for Sender ID, follow this:

  • In the My Projects sidebar, select SMS.
  • Select Resource from the dropdown menu options.
  • Click Sender ID tab. This action will open Request for Sender IDs page.

  • On the Request for Sender IDs page, Click on ADD SENDER ID tab.

  • Select Country of operation.

Note: If you select India as a country of operation, you will ask to enter DLT Principal Entity ID.

For more information about DLT Principal Entity ID, refer to the SMS FAQs.

  • Enter your Sender ID- An Alphanumeric Code used as Sender for SMS.
  • Add Sample SMS. Sender ID approval requires a Sample SMS.
  • Upload the file of the documents required for DLT Registration Process.
  • Click on SEND FOR VERIFICATION Button.
  • The Sender ID request will be sent for approval to the admin. Once approved, the Sender ID is displayed in the Sender ID list.

Note: When you submit a Sender ID request, it enters Pending state for verification. After verification, approved requests change to Fulfilled, while rejected ones are labelled as Cancelled.

Order Phone Number

To Use both Incoming and Outgoing SMS Services, you need to get a Phone Number configured against your Campaign.

You have two options:

  1. Select a phone number (Short Code or Long Code) from the EnableX Phone Inventory.
  2. Buy a new phone number.

To Order a phone number, do the following:

  • In the My Projects sidebar, select SMS.
  • Select Resource from the dropdown menu options.
  • Select Phone Number tab. This action will open My Virtual Number page.
  • On the My Virtual Number page, click on BUY A NUMBER tab.

  • This action will open Buy Phone Number form.

Buy Phone Number

Buy numbers from EnableX's inventory or in case, the number of your choice is not available you can always place a request for a new number.

  • Choose Country for which you need a number.
  • Choose Type of Number you require (Long code, Short code).
  • SEARCH and BUY the number from EnableX inventory.

Place Order

In case of non-availability of number of your choice, you can Place Order for a new Number.

  • Select the Country and Type of the Phone Number You want to buy. Write the details about your request and click on PROCEED.

Explanation of the Form Elements

Given below explanation of different options to choose in the form:

  • Country: Choose the country from where you like to get the phone number.
  • Services: Choose the service SMS for which you need to get the phone number.
  • Type of Phone: Choose among the following:
    • Long Code
    • Short Code
  • Service Direction: In the case of Long Code, choose among the following support on the phone number:
    • Incoming Only
    • Outgoing Only
    • Both Incoming & Outgoing
  • Description: Enter details of your request.

Our Sales Team will connect with you to finalize the process. You will be presented with a list of available Phone Numbers from EnableX Phone Inventory with a Price to pay for the subscription. You are free to choose one from the given list or place an order for a new phone number.