Develop Video Apps using iOS UI Kit

This topic provides guidance for downloading, installing, and using the iOS UI Kit for developing video applications.


The iOS Video UI Kit enables you to quickly integrate EnableX Video into your iOS native apps for mobile devices such as an iPhone or an iPad. The kit includes a video application development framework which provides many customization options to meet your specific requirements. The framework provides APIs and SDKs that help you develop seamless video apps in almost 99% reduced time and effort. You can create video communication with just a few lines of code. The framework is 100% native and device-specific with auto adjustment and orientation.

Download iOS UIKit v1.2.3

Released: July 10, 2023

Step-by-Step Guide

Refer to the sections below for a detailed overview of the iOS UI Kit's extensive toolkit and customization features:

What's New?

This section provides information about new features and improvements to existing features shipped in the iOS UI Kit releases.

What's New in iOS UI Kit v1.2.2?

iOS UI Kit v1.2.2 comes with a confirmation screen prompting the meeting participants to confirm if they want to join the meeting by video or audio. If a participant opts for video, the participant can choose to join with microphone or camera muted.

What's New in iOS UI Kit v1.2?

Works with low-codeThe iOS UI kit now works with the low-code settings configured using Visual Builder through the EnableX portal. The EnxVideoViewClass() function is modified to accept an extra key for low-code URL.
File ShareParticipants can now share files with all other participants or privately with particular participants of a session.
AnnotationFor the remote teams to easily brainstorm and collaborate, users (participants, moderators, viewers, etc.) who share their screen during a stream can add annotations on their screens and remote users can view annotated streams live.
Participant ListNew options have been included for both participants and moderators for configuring the participant list. For example, disconnect a call or start a private chat with a specific participant in the call.
## Features

You can use the iOS UI kit to access the following existing features for the group mode for building a successful video call experience:

Features for both participants and moderators:

  • Mute their audio (iOS UI Kit v1.2.2)
  • Mute their video (iOS UI Kit v1.2.2)
  • Switch the camera
  • Switch the audio device
  • Chat with the entire group of participants or privately with specific participants (iOS UI Kit v1.2)
  • Configure the participant list (iOS UI Kit v1.2)
  • Switch the layout
  • Disconnect a call (iOS UI Kit v1.2)
  • Share files with all the participants of a call or privately with a specific user (iOS UI Kit v1.2)

Features for moderators only:

  • Record a session
  • Mute a room
  • Mute a participant's audio
  • Mute a participant's video
  • Drop a participant from a room