Set Up Video Application Server

An application server is needed for provisioning, hosting video session web pages, reporting, and workflow automation. The application server uses the Video Server API for provisioning, reporting, and for receiving notifications on a webhook URL for process automation. The application server is a publicly accessible secured web server hosted on https. You can use your preferred web server and language.

Video Server API

The Video Server API is a REST API used for provisioning and reporting. This API is called from your Application Server.

Provisioning Needs

Creating a video room is the most basic requirement for any video session.

  • Users needs a token in this video room to join a video session.
  • Users can join a video session on their web browser or mobile app, through the client endpoint application, using this token.

You can create different video rooms as per your business requirement. You can use a room once or multiple times for a video session based on the room definition. For more information about creating a video room or token, see:

Reporting Needs

Your application may require data about past video sessions. EnableX provides API to fetch a Call Detail Report (CDR) containing the data of each user connected to a video session and recordings and chat files.

It is highly recommended that you get the session data from EnableX and save it in your information system for data manipulation and reporting/visualization needs. For more information about getting call detail reports or recording file access, see:


A Webhook URL is used to send real-time notifications of various session-related events and post-processing events in the JSON payload format.

Enablex posts notifications to this Webhook URL. For more information, see Setting Up a Notification URL against your Video Project.

Automation Needs

Webhooks help in automating the workflow of your application. Through automated workflow, EnableX and your application work as an integrated system.

The following are workflow automation examples:

  • Call Detail Report Notification
  1. You get notified when a video session ends.
  2. Call the API to get CDR reports and update your information system.
  • Recording Files Delivery Notification
  1. You get notified when recording files are ready for delivery.
  2. You can download these files programmatically and update your information system.
  3. You can play the recorded videos right from your server.