Configure a Phone Number

EnableX service has a pool of available shared or dedicated numbers for users on rent.

Add Phone Number to Project

To configure a phone number to your voice project, you need to add a phone number. This is how you can add a phone number:

  • Navigate and click the Phone Number Tab.
  • Click on ADD NUMBERS tab.

Add phone number

  • The Add Numbers to Project page presents a list of virtual numbers you have purchased.
  • Choose the phone number you wish to add and click the plus (+) button next to it.

Add phone number to project

  • A confirmation popup appears; confirm your selection by clicking the CONFIRM button.

Confirm Add phone number to project

You have now successfully configured your phone number with your project. To configure voice prompts for your project, click the VOICE PROMPT button in the dialogue box.

Add voice prompt to project

If you are first time users, please refer How to buy new phone numbers.