Pre-requisites for Voice Service

Before you begin, ensure that you have an active EnableX account. If you have not yet registered, sign up here.

To create your first voice project on EnableX, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Project: Log in to the EnableX portal and create a new Project with voice service capabilities.

  2. Get API Access: Secure your API Credentials to access the Voice API service.

  3. Buy a Phone Number: For inbound or outbound voice services, you need to Buy a Phone Number with your project. If you have an existing phone number, simply configure it to your project.

  4. Configure the Voice Service: Set up your project to use voice services by configuring a phone number and voice prompt:

    • Phone Number: Select from a variety of options to best fit your project's needs. Utilize a shared number or a dedicated number.

    For detailed steps on associating a phone number with your voice project, refer to how to configure a phone number.

    • Voice Prompt: Utilize EnableX’s Text-To-Speech engine or upload pre-recorded audio prompts.

    For detailed steps on adding and managing voice prompts in your project by visiting how to configure a voice prompt.