Voice Message Broadcast

The Voice Message Broadcast feature allows you to send voice messages to the masses. This feature provides the following advanced features:

  • The answering machine detection system helps to find out if a call was picked up by a person or an answering machine.
  • Customize the next action based on whether a call was answered by a person or an answering machine.
  • Create a personalized telephone poll and gather user inputs using traditional DTMF or voice that is converted into data by EnableX Automatic Speech Recognition System.
  • Each call in the broadcast gets a separate handle through webhook events, which can be used to control every call individually. This can be used to play IVR, bridge calls, or use the Advance Call Control system.
  • The application has multiple options to communicate with users. The application can send messages through pre-recorded prompts or send high-quality recording by using the text-to-speech facility and collect user inputs through traditional DTMF or voice which is converted into data by EnableX Automatic Speech Recognition system and then processed for further action.

Message Broadcast API

POST https://api.enablex.io/voice/v1/broadcast
Authorization: Basic XXXXXX
Content-Type: application/json
"name": "Broadcat_Application",
"owner_ref": "XYZ",
"from": "EnableX virtual numbers",
"auto_record": false,
"broadcastnumbersjson": [
"phone": 919999911111
"phone": 919999922222
"phone": 919999933333
"action_on_connect": {
"play": {
//Play using text to speech
"text": "This is testing",
"language": "en-US",
"voice": "Male",
//Alternate: Play pre recorded file that can be uploaded
//from enablex portal
"prompt_name": "prompt_name",
"interrupt": false,
"dtmf" : true, // optional parameter, DTMF Response
"asr" : true // alternate optional parameter, Voice Response
"call_param": {
"IntervalBetweenRetries": 5,
"NumberOfRetries": 3