Chatbot Analytics

Chatbot analytics provide insights into user behaviour and bot performance, helping to refine the interaction experience and optimize effectiveness.

User Engagement

Here you can monitor the frequency and type of user interactions with the bot.

  • New and Returning Users: Track the new users and the returning users of the bot.
  • Daily Active Users: Check how many people talk to the bot each day.
  • Conversations: Analyze the volume of conversations to understand user engagement levels over time.
  • Sessions-Channel Breakdown: View the distribution of sessions across different channels, such as web or messaging apps, to determine where users prefer to engage with your bot.



Session and Engagement Data

The Session and Engagement Data offers a snapshot of the bot's utilization in real-time interactions.

  • Session Data: The total count of sessions provides a quick overview of bot usage.
  • Total Engagement Count: This includes metrics such as video and voice engagement, giving insight into the types of content users interact with the most.
  • Total Human Assistance Count: Monitor the number of times users have requested human assistance, how many of those requests were accepted, and if any have expired.