Bot Configuration

The Bot Configuration feature supports customizing and fine-tuning the bot's appearance, functionality, and integration. You can make it match your brand's style, decide how it should act on different platforms, and update contact info. Setting this upright makes sure the bot works well for users.

Bot Configuration

General Settings

In the General Configuration of the bot, users can:

  • Check the default assigned Bot ID.
  • Update the Name to the bot.
  • Provide a Welcome Message that users will receive upon initiating a conversation with the bot.
  • Check the Collect User Information checkbox if you want your bot to gather information from users.
    • specify the types of information to collect, such as users name, phone number, and email address.
    • You can also provide a title for the user information form to guide users when submitting their details.

Note: Fixed Parameters user.user_name is used for collecting the user's information during the interaction. You can set this parameter when you are building your bot in the canvas

  • Enter the Whitelist Domain(s) to ensure the bot operates within a secure and controlled web environment.
  • Add specific label(s) to help organize and quickly identify the bot.
  • Add Column(s) for google spreadshet. Read Googl Spreadsht Integration for more information.
  • Set the status of the Bot i.e. Published or Drafted.
  • Include any additional description or important details about the bot's purpose or functionality.

Communication Channels Configuration

Note: Published bot can be rendered on a website. If the bot is in Drafted state, web client will not render it.

Communication Channels

Manage communication channels of your bot. To modify channel access, deselect any channel you wish to remove and save your preferences. Conversely, to expand your bot's reach with additional channels, select the desired channels ensuring they are first configured within your EnableX project. After selection, link them with the relevant project from the dropdown menu and confirm your changes by clicking Save button.

General Configuration

Miscellaneous Settings

Here organisations can put in their contact information and links to important documents like Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. This helps users reach out about the bot's rules and privacy.

Miscellaneous Configuration

Bot Profile Image

You can set an avatar (profile Image) that becomes the face of your bot, making it more relatable and visually appealing to the users.

  • Choose a Bot Thumbnail that aligns with your brand's visuals.

Bot Profile Configuration

  • Save the changes by clicking Save Changes.

Email Settings

Configure your bot's email functionality to enable it to send emails as part of its conversational flow. Enter the details of your chosen SMTP server to ensure reliable and secure email communication.

Email Configuration

  1. Host: Input the address of the SMTP server provided by your email service.
  2. Port: Specify the port number for the SMTP server connection.
  3. User: Enter the username associated with your email server account.
  4. Password: Type in the password for your email account.
  5. After entering the necessary information, click on Save Changes to activate the bot's email capabilities.