Chatbot Interface

The Chatbot Interface is the operational dashboard that facilitates the creation, management, and optimization of a chatbot's interaction with users. It is divided into distinct sections, each with its dedicated purpose, ranging from the development of conversational flows to the analysis of the bot's performance.

Main Sections of the Chatbot Interface:

  • Flows: Here you can design and manage the conversational flows, defining how the chatbot interacts with users.
  • Content: This section allows you to curate and maintain the content your chatbot will use to engage with users.
  • Language: Here, you can refine the language understanding capabilities of your chatbot and manage your Intents and Entities
  • QnA: This section is dedicated to building a knowledge base that the chatbot can draw from to answer user inquiries.
  • Analytics: This section provides insights and data analytics on the chatbot's performance, user interactions, and other metrics essential for continuous improvement.
  • Sessions: This section provides a complete record of customer interactions with the bot and with the agents. This encompasses both full conversations with the bot and dialogues in the conversation where users engage with live agents.
  • Config: Configuration settings for the chatbot are managed here, allowing for the customization of operational parameters and integration settings.
  • Integrations: This section provides instructios on how to connect your chatbot with various external CRM systems and others to enhance its functionality and enable seamless data transfer direct from bot conversation.
  • Live Chat: How to enables real-time interaction between users and human agents, allowing for a smooth transition from bot to human assistance as needed.

In subsequent chapters, we will explore the Chatbot Interface Elements in greater detail.