Getting Started with EnableX Platform

Register with EnableX Platform

Follow these steps to quickly set up your account and start exploring the EnableX portal.

  • Go to EnableX Portal.

landing page

For new users

If you are new to EnableX, you will need to create an account with EnableX. This section will guide you through the registration process.

  • Click on Try For Free .
  • Fill in the required details: Name, Phone number, Company, email address and check the box for Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • Click on Create Your Account.
  • Verify your account by clicking on the link sent to your email.
  • Alternatively, sign up with Google or GitHub.

For returning users

If you are a returning user, this section will guide you through how to access your existing account.

  • Navigate to and click on SIGN IN located at the top right corner. On the resulting login page, enter your login credentials and click on SIGN IN.
  • Optionally, use Google ID or GitHub ID for login.
  • After logging in, users will be directed to My Dashboard.

Create Project

For New Users of EnableX

If you are just getting started and have access to the My Dashboard, your first step will be to create EnableX project(s). This is crucial if you wish to incorporate services like WhatsApp, Video, and Voice into your chatbot, as they need alignment with an EnableX project. EnableX provides these services, and to use them, your chatbot will rely on EnableX APIs.

Note: While these channels/services enhance your bot's capabilities, they are not mandatory.

The Web channel is active for all bots by default, ensuring that they are always accessible via web platforms, regardless of any additional channels or services integrated.

Below are resources to assist you in creating various types of projects within the EnableX portal:

For Returning Users of EnableX

If you are an existing user with active EnableX projects, you can seamlessly align these projects with your chatbot.

Note: For using additional services, remember that one project can only be linked to one bot. If you plan on creating multiple bots with additional capabilities, ensure you create corresponding projects.

Once your EnableX projects are created, proceed to the Chatbot Dashboard and follow the next steps.

Create Workspace

Once you have your EnableX project set up, the next step is to create a workspace. This is a mandatory step and serves as the central hub for all your chatbot activities.

What is Workspace?

A Workspace is a shared virtual environment where you can manage the whole life of your chatbots. A Workspace allows you to:

  • Create new bot/bots or import existing bot.
  • Manage your bots; Edit, delete and train.
  • Add different users' role to collaborate.

Note: You can create more than one bot within a single workspace.

Steps to Create a Workspace

To create a workspace, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to My Dashboard and select Dialogs.
  • From the dropdown menu, click on Dashboard.
  • On the Dialogs Dashboard, Click on CREATE WORKSPACE tab.

Create Workspace

  • A Create Workspace form opens.

Create Workspace form

  • Fill in the necessary information, including the Workspace Name and Workspace Description.
  • Set up Workspace user limits:
    • Add up to 10 Admins for each workspace
    • Add up to 10 Developers for each workspace.
    • Add Agents within the specified limits.
    • Add Bots within the specified limits.

Note: The allocation of Agents and Bots is determined by your organization's subscription plan. These user roles are exclusive to the workspace and cannot be assigned to bots within another workspace.

  • Allocate AI-Driven Intent Credits to this workspace from your overall Intent Credits balance.

Note: AI-Driven Intents enable users to generate intents utilizing AI capabilities, bypassing the need for manual intent creation. User need to buy AI driven Intent credit.

  • Review all the details and click on CREATE WORKSPACE to create your workspace.
  • A confirmation dialog will popup and confirm your workspace creation.

Workspace confirmation

  • Once created, the Workspace will appear in the My Workspaces list.

Note: In the My Workspaces section, you can view details like the number of Users, Bots, and Linked Projects associated with each workspace.

My Workspaces list

  • For a newly created workspace, these numbers will update as you add them to the workspace.

Note: When you create a workspace, EnableX automatically assigns a Workspace Manager role to you. This role grants you access to the bot portal. The Workspace Manager can add other users, such as Admin, Developer, and Agent, to the workspace through the bot portal.

Once you have set up your workspace, the next immediate step is to link the workspace to EnableX projects. This linkage is necessary for bots that aim to use the additional services or channels offered by EnableX. Later, when you create a bot that uses these additional services or channels, you will be prompted to link the chosen communication channel with the bot. At this point, you will be required to select an EnableX project that's already linked to the workspace.

However, if you only interested in the WEB platform without the additional services, you can skip this linking process

To link your workspace with EnableX projects, do the following:

  • In the Dialogs Dashboard, go to the My Workspace section and locate the Workspace you wish to link with projects.
  • Click on ACTION dropdown next to the workspace.
  • Select Link Project from the dropdown options.

Link Workspaces

  • This will open the Link Projects dialog displaying all your EnableX projects.

Link Projects

To link a project to the workspace:

  • Select the project/projects you want to link with the workspace and check the checkbox next to each project.
  • After selecting your desired project, click on LINK PROJECTS button.

Link Project confirmation

  • Confirm your selection by clicking on YES,LINK! Button.
  • A confirmation popup will appear to confirm the successful linking of projects to the workspace.

With your projects now linked, you are all set to create a new chatbot with additional capabilities.

Suspend Workspace

Once a workspace is suspended, it cannot be reactivated, and all associated bots and users will be deactivated. Ensure you have considered this action thoroughly before proceeding.

To suspend a Workspace, do the following:

  • In the Dialogs Dashboard, navigate to the My Workspace section.
  • Locate and select the Workspace you wish to suspend.
  • Click on ACTION dropdown next to the workspace.
  • Select Disable from the dropdown options.
  • A dialog will appear asking for a reason for suspension.
  • Provide the reason for suspension and confirm it by clicking on YES, SUSPEND button.

Suspand Workspace

  • Once the workspace is suspended, it still appears in the My Workspace section. However, the ACTION dropdown is removed, indicating that no further actions can be taken on the suspended workspace.