How to Use Node Inspector in Bot Builder

When building a chatbot or automation flow, you often need to configure individual steps or nodes in your conversation. The Inspector is where you can fine-tune and edit the behaviour of a particular node. Here's how to use it:

  • Select the Node: Select the node you want to edit. This could be a starting point, a standard node, a choice node, or any other Node component in your conversation.
  • Access the Inspector Pane: Click the node and on the left side an inspector pane will open. This pane displays specific details and options related to the selected node.

Add New Triggers

In the Inspector pane, there is an entry field which shows Node sequence number. You can update this and replace it with a unique and descriptive name for the node. Review Node Properties: Inside the Inspector pane, users will find various sections or tabs that allow them to configure different aspects of the node. These commonly include:

  • ON ENTER: This section lets you define actions that occur when the end-user enters or reaches this node in the conversation.
  • ON RECEIVE: Here, you can specify actions that occur when the node receives specific end-user input or triggers.
  • TRANSITIONS: This section defines under what conditions the conversation should move from one node to another. You can set transition rules and specify the destination node or subflow.

Main Sections of the Node Inspector Guide:

In subsequent chapters, we will explore the Node Inspector in greater detail.