On Receive

The On Receive section within the inspector pane plays a crucial role in managing your bot's conversational flow. This section lets you specify the actions or behaviour your bot should undertake upon receiving a user's message. It's beneficial when establishing initial bot responses or actions upon detecting user input. In essence, it provides a mechanism to initiate actions right after the bot gets a user message.

To move forward in the workflow or to set up the bot's next action after it gets a user message, You have two choices:

  1. Pause the bot to record the user's input
  2. Automatically proceed with a pre-defined action or message

Pause the bot to record the user's input

This option means the bot will wait passively after its initial message, allowing the user to provide input or make a choice. Only after receiving this input does the bot process and respond. This choice is ideal when you want user-driven interactions, ensuring the user's queries or concerns are addressed in real-time.

  • Create a node for the subsequent options or choices that the bot will present after receiving the user's input.
  • In the inspector pane, locate and select the ON RECEIVE trigger.
  • Check the Wait for user message checkbox.
  • Once the checkbox is selected, click on + icon.
  • This will launch the Add New Trigger interface.

This section is explained in On Enter section of the inspector pane.

Please Read On Enter Actions.