EnableX Chatbot Engine: Dialogs

The EnableX Dialogs Conversational Engine is an innovative software solution that empowers users to effortlessly create and deploy chatbots for a wide range of applications. With its user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities, the EnableX Dialods Engine enables both technical and non-technical users to build intelligent conversational agents without requiring extensive programming knowledge.

How Do Chatbots Work?

Chatbots function through intricate algorithms that analyze sentences to discern their meaning and categorize their intent. These algorithms then generate appropriate responses. Users first need to train their bot. The core purpose of chatbot software is to alleviate customer service representatives and sales personnel from repetitive tasks, enabling chatbots to function independently.

Enablex CPaaS Customer

Help Documents

Explore our in-depth help documents to master the EnableX Dialogs. Each section provides detailed instructions and insights to enhance your chatbot experience.

  • Key Features: Discover the core features that set our chatbot engine apart.
  • Chatbot Types & User Roles: Learn about the chatbot types and user roles and permissions within our platform.
  • Getting Started: New to EnableX? This section walks you through registration, project creation, and workspace management.
  • Building the Chatbot: From creation to deployment, follow these steps to build your chatbot and make it live.
  • Designing Chatbot Flow: Craft effective chatbot flows using our Bot Flow Builder.
  • Node Inspector Guide: Use the Node Inspector to fine-tune your chatbot's behavior and responses.
  • Chatbot Interface: Manage your content, understand natural language processing, set up Q&A for your bot and track user engagement and analyze session data to improve your chatbot's performance
  • Add Users to thr Workspace: Add user(s) to the Workspace,i.e. Admin, Developrs or Agents.
  • Align Agents with Chatbot: Align agent(s) with the bot within the same workspace.