Type of Chatbot

EnableX Dialogs is a Rule-Based Chatbot which is also powered by AI driven Intents.

This type of chatbot operates using predetermined keywords and provides predefined responses, often guiding users through a structured decision tree.

  • Operates based on predefined keywords.
  • Interacts with users using limited predefined inputs or options.
  • Offers preconfigured responses to user queries.
  • User experience involves navigating through a predetermined decision tree.
  • Suitable for simpler chatbot structures.
  • Requires users to follow specific paths through menus for desired outcomes.

Rule Based Chatbot

User Roles

You can manage users in a workspace by accessing the Users icon left side on the Bot dashboard. From there, you can add new users to the workspace using their email addresses. The following are the roles available for users in a workspace:

  • Manager: The user who creates a workspace automatically assumes the role of Manager. The Manager has the highest level of access, with the ability to create multiple workspaces, manage user roles, oversee bot projects, and control all aspects of the workspace, including the ability to suspend it. They have comprehensive oversight but do not engage in live chats with users.
  • Administrator: This role allows users to add/remove workspace collaborators, create and manage all chatbots in the workspace and view/change billing information.
  • Developer: A Developer focuses on the technical aspects, such as building and updating chatbots, and managing content and language understanding settings. They have full access to development tools but have limited administrative rights.
  • Agent: An Agent interacts with users in real-time, providing personalized responses during live chats. Their access is restricted to the bots they are assigned to and they do not have administrative capabilities.

Users- Permissions ad Limitations

User Type Permissions Limitations
  1. Create workspaces.
  2. Link EnableX projects with the workspaces.
  3. Suspend Workspace
  4. Add user roles (admin, developer, agent)
  5. Delete/reset user roles and passwords
  6. Create and Import bots
  7. Export and deploy bots
  8. Align agents with the bots
  9. Access all tools and features in chatbot engine
  10. Monitor live chats and handovers
  1. Cannot take part in Live Chats and assist users in real time
  1. Add user roles (admin, developer, agent)
  2. Delete/reset user roles and passwords
  3. Create bots and Import bot
  4. Export and deploy bots
  5. Align agents with the bots
  6. Monitor live chats and handovers
  7. Participate in live chats to assist users in real time
  8. Access to all available tools and features within the Workspace.
  1. Admin can manage only the bots of the workspace he/she has access to.
  1. Direct access to the bots of the workspace the agent is aligned with.
  2. Can handle live chat with end-users.
  1. Limited administrative access.
  2. Engage with end users only within the scope of the bot(s) to which they have been granted access.
  1. Read and write access to chatbot definition and workflows.
  2. Access to chatbot Content management and NLU settings.
  3. Can customize and modify the bot's behaviour and logic.
  4. Can work on advanced chatbot development tasks.
  5. Complete access to the bot flow builder canvas.
  1. Limited administrative access.
  2. Can access only the bots within the assigned workspace.