Enhancing Video Calling with FaceAI

FaceAI provides the fastest, lightest, and most comprehensive facial expression analysis and emotion recognition in real time. It is designed to work seamlessly across any HTML5 web-browser on mobile and desktop devices, and within mobile webviews, without needing any external plugins or apps. Furthermore, the SDK is designed to keep personal data secure by running all analyses directly on the client's endpoint, without sending any data to a server.

For example, FaceAI can accurately analyze facial expressions and emotions such as happiness, surprise, anger, fear and sadness in real-time, on any browser or device.


Face analysis and emotion recognition AI can enhance video conversations. Build innovative and engaging customer experiences with our API, suitable for all types of web and mobile applications. For more information, see SDKs for FaceAI.

FaceAI Features

EnableX FaceAI provides the following significant features:

  • Attention and Liveness Estimator: Calculates valence, arousal, gaze direction, head orientation, and more to detect identity spoofing. It is also used to interpret a participant's interest level.
  • Emotion Indicator: Detects facial expressions and measures the sentiments of one or multiple faces of participants or callers in real-time. During customer product meetings or demos, this helps you to know how your customers feel so that you can build more engaging customer experiences.
  • Age and Gender Indicator: Provides gender detection and age estimation by using the advanced machine learning techniques. This information is used to adjust advertisements, campaigns, and content to meet customer profiles.
  • Face and Feature Recognition: Obtains the 3D head pose and coordinates of facial feature points such as chin tip, nose tip, lip corners, mouth contour, eyebrow contours, and more to build a strong customer identification program.

FaceAI Advantage

The following are the core advantages of using EnableX FaceAI:

  • Advanced AI: Provides facial recognition to advanced human perception and continuous streaming analysis.
  • Multiple Face Analysis: Analyses multiple faces in real-time.
  • Light and Fast: Provides rapid results due to lightweight AI HTML5 SDK (less than a 1MB).
  • Easy to use SDK: Is powered with handy resources, how-to guides, and samples for easy integration.
  • GDPR Complaint: Is secure as no video, images, and personal data is stored.
  • Platform and Device Agnostic: Works in tandem with video calls and can be deployed on any browser or app.