Sample Application for FaceAI - AI Facial Expression Recognition

This sample application uses FaceAI to perform Facial Expression Recognition in a 1-to-1 video call using the EnableX Server API and client toolkits of different platforms. It allows moderators and participants to get connected over a video session.


The main purpose of this sample application is to demonstrate the use of FaceAI API and EnableX RTC APIs when the application is configured and hosted by application developers on their own server. Application developers can experience the video call quality and other regular features by accessing the application using the endpoint browser or mobile devices.

Note: Remember the following:

  • RTC sessions hosted on the EnableX platform run on the supported set of web browsers without the need of additional plugins.

  • Each video application involves an application server and client endpoint applications. Some sample applications shared by EnableX include both application server and client endpoint applications, whereas others include only client endpoint applications. For you to try out only client endpoint applications, you require an application server repository.

  • EnableX provides a demo application server to try out this sample application. This requires you to configure your application to point to the demo server using your project credentials.

    • Demo Server URL:
    • Pass your credentials as Customer Header in the HTTP request as:
      • x-app-id: Your Application ID
      • x-app-key: Your Application Key

Server & Client Applications

The application server and client endpoint application developed with EnableX Web SDK and FaceAI Web SDK are located in this GitHub repository.