The GSMA's Universal Profile mandates that all new communication devices come with a native messaging app supporting RCS. This means users with compatible devices do not need to install any additional applications to receive RCS messages. For devices that do not support RCS, fallback channels should be used to ensure message delivery. For business communications, RCS integrates features similar to those found in over-the-top (OTT) messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. However, it operates within the native messaging apps of mobile devices, eliminating the need for users to download additional applications.

Programmable RCS Businesss Messaging API

The Programmable RCS Business API is a service that allows businesses to communicate with their customers on the RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging platform using the EnableX API. It provides an easy way for businesses to send (and receive) rich RCS messages, including text, images, videos, locations, and rich cards, using their own software systems. This service supports advanced messaging features like carousels, suggested actions, and interactive buttons, significantly enhancing customer engagement and communication within the SMS platform.

How does it work?

Here is a simple step-by-step explanation to understand how the Programmable RCS Business Messaging API works as a service with EnableX.

  • Create a WhatsApp Project with EnableX: The first step is for the business to set up a Project using the EnableX portal and add RCS Service to it.
  • Create a RCS Business Account: The business also needs to create a RCS Business Account through EnableX. Business needs to submit a Phone Number and Display Name to register with RBM and other details. EnableX Operations Team will get connected with you to take further all formalities needed for RCS BusinessMessaging Account registration process.
  • Setup Webhook: Business needs to setup a Webhook URL against the registered RBM Agent to receive incoming message, delivery notifications and many other events related to your account.
  • Setup Fallback Channels: Business can also set Fallback channels (WhatsApp and SMS) for omnichannel experience.
  • Sends Message using the EnableX API: Using Programmable RCS Business Messaging API from EnableX, business can develop application to send message to any RCS supported device. API supports messaging with different type of contents, e.g. Text, Image, Video, Audio, Document, Location, Contact, Interactive Components.
  • Receive messages over Webhook: Receive incoming message from RCS Messenger Users posted to your Webhook.

RCS Service Qualification details

The essential information required for successful registration and participation in RCS messaging.

Registration Information:

Company NameThe name of the company applying for RCS service.
Recipient CountriesThe countries where the RCS service will be available.
Company DescriptionA brief description of the company, limited to 100 characters.
Brand Color Hex CodesHexadecimal codes representing the brand colours, ensuring a minimum 4.5:1 contrast ratio.
Company WebsiteThe official website of the company.
Customer-Facing Email AddressAn email address provided for customer contact and inquiries.
Customer-Facing Phone NumberA phone number provided for customer contact and inquiries.
Privacy Policy URLThe URL where customers can access the company's privacy policy.
Terms of Service URLThe URL where customers can access the company's terms of service.
Company LogoAn image of the company logo, with dimensions 224 px x 224 px, in JPEG format.
Hero ImageA larger image representing the company, with dimensions 1440 px x 448 px, in JPEG format.
Official/Legal Company NameThe official or legal name of the company.
Point of Contact InformationFirst name, last name, job title, and email address of the point of contact for the company.
RCS-Capable Android DeviceAn Android device capable of supporting RCS messaging.
Labels for Phone, Website, EmailLabels indicating the type of contact information provided (phone, website, email).

Note: This information is required for registration and will be displayed to customers in RCS conversations. The registration process typically takes 2-3 business days, and successful registration will be confirmed via email notification from the RCS technology provider.