Programmable RCS Business Messaging API

The Programmable RCS Business API from EnableX helps businesses send and receive messages programmatically to/from users, connecting thousands of agents and bots to interact with customers.


Rich Communication Services (RCS) is the communication protocol for RBM.Communication between businesses and customers/users over RBM is carried out through messaging, i.e., sending and receiving messages. The RBM framework helps to effectively manage the processes around messaging through the following components:

  • API: Its a Rest API Service with many API Collections/Routes used to initiate related transactions.
  • Webhook: It's a Webhook over https to receive incoming messages, delivery notifications, status updates etc.

The subsequent sections provide a foundational understanding of the RCS Business API's capabilities, including:

Release Notes

For most recent information about new features and improvements in the WhatsApp Business API, see the Release Notes.