Manage RCS Campaign

In your dashboard, the Manage Campaign Tab becomes available once your RBM registration request with the RBM platform is approved. This ensures that your RCS Business account is fully set up and authorized before you can access and manage campaigns within the platform.

Create Campaign

To Create a RCS Campaign:

  • Navigate to RCS in the left navigation pane and select Dashboard from the drop-down menu. This redirects to the RCS dashboard where you can oversee and manage your RCS projects.
  • Select the RCS project against which you want to create a campaign and click on the action icon next to it.

My Dashboard

  • It will take you to the Project Summary page.

Project Summary

  • On this page, navigate and click to Manage Campaigns tab.
  • My campaigns page will open. On this page, click on the NEW CAMPAIGN tab.

New Campaign

Here you will get two types of campaigns options:

  1. Broadcast new campaign
  2. CSV Broadcast


Broadcast new Campaign: Methods and Setup

The Broadcast Campaign is to connect with your existing audience. It enables you to send customized template messages to your established customer base. There are two ways to broadcast a new campaign:

  1. Wizard
  2. Single form

Setup Campaign via 5 Steps Wizard

  • To get started with a Broadcast Campaign targeted at your existing audience, navigate and click on NEXT button within the Broadcast Campaign box.
  • Next, proceed by following the directions given in the wizard.
  • This Wizard will guide you through the process of creating a campaign. Follow these steps:

Set Campaign Name

  • Name Your Campaign: Choose a descriptive name that reflects your target audience and the goals of your campaign. Note that the Campaign name must be distinctive and meaningful, as it will be the primary identifier for this campaign.

Set Campaign Name

  • Schedule Your Campaign: Set the start date and time for your campaign. Note that the campaign can be scheduled up to one month from today's date. This feature lets you strategically plan your marketing efforts, aligning with specific events, holidays, or product launches.

  • TTL (Time to Live) and Expiry Time

    • TTL (In Seconds): Specify the duration in seconds that the message will remain valid. This is the time within which the message must be delivered before it expires.
    • Expire Time (Date/Time): Specify the exact date and time when the message should expire. This can be used to set a precise expiration point for your campaign messages.
  • Use Fallback Channel: Set your preferred fallback channels, in case RCS delivery fails. You can select from SMS or WhatsApp channels.

Note: You will be given these fallback channels option only if you have these service enabled in your EnableX Project.

Select Template

Choose a pre-approved message template if you are sending Business Initiated Notifications. The templates which have been registered will be seen under the template section.

Note: For session You can select any type you wish to send.

Select Template

Once you select the template you can preview the message at right side of the screen.

  • Add Variable: If the template you have selected contains any variable in the body content, provide the variable parameter without curly braces in it.

Note: Once the template has been approved, you don't have any option to edit that template but you can add the variable content.

Enter Fallback Text for SMS Message

  • If you have selected SMS as a preferred fallback channel for RCS Disabled Number then you need to provide the SMS message template which is which is alternate to RCS message template and also registered on DLT (For India Only).

Select SMS Template

  • If you have selected WhatsApp as a preferred fallback channel for RCS Disabled Number then you need to provide the WhatsApp template which is alternate to the RCS message template and also registered under WABA. See the preview and add variables WhatsApp templates have any.

Select WhatsApp Template

Note: If you need to create a new template (RCS, SMS and WhatsApp) for your campaign, navigate to the Manage Templates section. There you can select the communication channel and create the template and get it approved from the regulatory body. Once it is approved, it will be added to your list of approved templates.

Read- How to create SMS Message Template Read- How to create WhatsApp Message Template

Select Audience

Use the Advanced Search options to determine the audience for your broadcast campaign. You have two main parameters to employ:

Select Audience

  • Created At: Filter contacts based on the date they were added into your system, using Today, This Week, This Month, or a custom date range as options.
  • Attributes: Apply additional criteria using Attributes filters. These attributes are associated with the Name, Phone, Tags, or Source that were designated to your contacts upon creation.
  • Opt-out Status: Indicate whether contacts who opted out of communication should be included. Three options are given:
    • All: Include all contacts, irrespective of their opt-out status.
    • Yes: Include only the contacts who have opted out of campaign communications.
    • No: Include only the contacts who have not opted out of campaign communications.

Test campaign

Testing your campaign before broadcasting allows you to identify any potential issues, refine your messaging, and optimize its overall performance. This step is optional.

Test Campaign

To test your campaign before broadcasting, follow these steps:

  • In the search field, enter the Name and Number of the intended recipient to whom you plan to send the campaign before broadcasting and click on TEST button.
  • If you prefer to skip the testing phase, click on SKIP button to proceed without testing.
  • Once the test RCS message is sent, you can see that message has been executed successfully.

Preview & Send

Before sending your campaign, take the opportunity to preview it and ensure everything appears as intended.

Preview Campaign

  • Once you review the content and verify its accuracy, proceed with clicking on SEND NOW button.

sucessful Campaign

  • Your campaign is now set to be delivered as per your specified schedule, and it will appear in the campaigns list.

Campaign analytics

  • To monitor the performance of your campaign, simply click on the Campaign Name. This will provide you with detailed insights and metrics, including delivery status, engagement, and Replies.

Campaign Analytics

  • To export these details, click on EXPORT DETAILS.

CSV Broadcast

In CSV Broadcast Campaign, you can import contacts in bulk directly from a CSV file, enabling you to effectively engage different segments of your audience.

  • To get started with a CSV Broadcast Campaign and reach a broader audience, Click on NEXT button within the CSV Broadcast box.

  • To create a CSV broadcast campaign, you need to follow the wizard, which is same as the broadcast campaign wizard. The only difference lies in the Select Audience step of the wizard.

  • For a CSV broadcast, you are required to upload a CSV file containing the contact information of your desired recipients. The remaining steps in the wizard will remain unchanged.

Select Audience

CSV Broadcast Campaign

Upload Contacts File:

  • Upload your contacts file in .csv format.
  • The maximum file size allowed is 20MB.
  • You can include up to 10,000 contacts in the file.
  • Refer to the Sample CSV file for reference if needed.
  • Click on Choose File and select CSV file for upload.

If any contacts already exist, you have the following options:

  • Overwrite: Choose this option to replace existing contact information with the new data from the uploaded file.
  • Ignore, if contact exists already: Select this option to skip adding contacts that already exist in your system.
  • Once select your preference, click on UPLOAD FILE button to upload the selected CSV file.

Change File (Optional):

  • If needed, you can change the selected file by clicking on the Change File button and selecting a different .csv file.

Please refer to the instructions provided above in Broadcast New Campaign section for the other steps of the wizard to successfully create your CSV broadcast campaign.