Content Whitelisting

Every content should be whitelisted by the local operators. If you wish to send messages to China, contact our Support team to decide what kind of message samples work best for you.

SMS Type

Binary and Flash SMS are not allowed in China.

Character Support

Arabic characters are not supported by Chinese networks. Because Chinese characters are not supported by the regular character set, messages with Chinese characters can contain a maximum of 65 (single message) and 62 (multiple messages/concatenated) characters.

Maximum Messages

You cannot send two messages with the same content to the same number in one day. A maximum of 100 messages with different content is allowed to be sent to the same number in one day.


All networks in China filter adult content, gambling, education, migration, financial services and loans, beauty case, cosmetic surgery, healthcare, red timber and alcohol-related content. Some networks filter words like Falung Gong, SB, Tiananmen Square. All networks block messages with a URL.