Sender ID Registration

In Nigeria, customers can sign-up a Do-Not-Disturb (DND) registry to opt out of promotional or solicited messages. The DND registry provides the following options:

  • Fully Blocked (Default): For totally opting out from receiving third-party messages.
  • Partially Blocked: For filtering service categories for third-party messages they wish to receive.

If you intend to send critical transactional notifications such as financial transactions, payment gateways, OTPs, bank alerts, pension notifications, doctor's appointments from health organisations, school alerts, and so on, then contact us to register your sender ID to bypass the DND restrictions. For promotional content, sender ID registration is also needed. However, the arrival of the SMS at the handset depends on the end user's DND settings.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS of over 2000 messages can be blocked by some operators. These details are provided in the below table.

Operator-Specific Restrictions

EtisalatFilters numeric Sender IDs and bulk SMS of over 2000 messages at once.
Glo MobileFilters SMS with numbers from other operators in Sender ID or body of the message.
MTNFilters numeric Sender IDs and the term 'MTN' if used in Sender ID or body of the message.
StarcommsDoes not support handset delivery reports.
VisafoneDoes not support handset delivery reports.