Use EnableX SMS APIs to connect globally with the benefits of reliability, speed and compliance provided by a carrier-grade platform without investing in infrastructure or negotiating with service providers. EnableX provides a direct build, scale and deploy platform for SMS APIs.

The SMS API can be implemented for:

  • One Way SMS Messaging: Send SMS notifications, alerts, confirmations and reminders to your customers directly from your website, app or solutions.
  • Two Way SMS Messaging: Create engaging two-way conversations by allowing your customers to reply to your SMS messages using EnableX short code API or long number API.

Significant Features

The SMS API provides the following significant features:

  • Two-Way Messaging
  • Mass Broadcasting
  • Global Virtual Numbers
  • Messaging Queuing
  • Sender ID
  • Long Message Concatenation
  • Intelligent Routing
  • Delivery Report
  • Message Analytics

Core Advantages

The following are the core advantages of using SMS API:

  • EnableX is a platform Built for Scale, Speed, And Deliverability. It eliminates all complexities and provides functional, intuitive SMS APIs within minutes.
  • EnableX SMS API solution allows sending transactional or promotion SMSes to thousands of people, and our SMS network ensures they get delivered on time.
  • The EnableX SMS API is developed to provide reliable and enhanced quality. Our network offers improved SMS delivery and enterprise-ready SLAs. In addition, we handle ever-changing telco logic and rules to ensure your message reaches its destination every time.
  • EnableX provides phone numbers through which you can reach your customer over SMSes irrespective of their location globally. For information on EnableX Virtual Numbers, see EnableX Virtual Numbers.

SMS API Reference

See detailed documentation on SMS API References