Virtual Numbers

Virtual Numbers are used for connecting customers around the globe. With EnableX Virtual Numbers, you can gain instant access to local, national, mobile and toll-free phone and short code numbers in more than 100 countries worldwide.

  • Short Code Number: Send time-sensitive and large volume SMS and MMS to many users at once with short codes. All short codes are pre-vetted and approved by carriers, which means there is no carrier filtering or risk of suspension when the traffic is heavy.

  • Long Number: You can access a vast range of numbers directly across the globe with EnableX without painfully negotiating with individual telecom operators.

  • Voice Call: You can answer and make calls from anywhere worldwide by using the international toll-free numbers.

Significant Features

  • Shared Numbers: Use pre-approved templates and short codes for ready-to-deliver campaigns. Provides two-way SMS facility at low costs.

  • Dedicated Numbers: Build business brands with a unique number for high throughput campaigns.

  • Keywords: Run multiple campaigns on a single short code. Get your users to text a response based on the keyword that is associated with the campaign.

  • Local Number: Avoid expensive international rates. Receive and send SMS using our wide range of local country prefixes and area codes.

  • Quality Verification: Eliminate unwanted texts with clean phone numbers qualified by comprehensive screening processes.

  • Mobile Numbers: Enjoy inbound and outbound mobile number calls at a cost-effective rate.

  • Toll-Free Number: Improve customer experience by using international toll-free numbers for voice calls.

Core Advantages

  • Removes the hassle of negotiating with multiple local carriers with limited numbers at exorbitant prices.
  • Enables you to build exclusive brand identity with easy-to-remember short code numbers. It also provides a provision to add a vanity code to increase the brand recall.
  • Provides a perceived local presence in cities worldwide. Calling or texting a local phone number eliminates long-distance charges and provides customers the assured in-country support and experience.
  • Provides flexible pricing, no periodic billing cycles, and charges are limited to usage.
  • Provides increased volume discounts with high usage.

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