Video Calling Features

Users can spruce up their video content with helpful add-ons. These add-ons include interactive elements, live streaming, AI features, collaboration features, voice integration, and additional features, such as breakout rooms, raise a hand, annotations, and more.

The following list provides add-on tools, libraries, and processes that can be usesd for building high-quality video applications:

Collaboration Features

Co-browsingAllows both the moderator and the participants of a session to navigate to the same web page at the same time.
WhiteboardYou can easily deploy a whiteboard in streaming for collaboration among the participants of a session.
Screen Share with iOS NativeWhen the application runs in the background, users can broadcast an extension in their app to enjoy a continuous broadcast screen.
Live RecordingAllows recording of sessions as individual streams. The recording details of a session (video, audio, and chat text) are stored in a transcoded file as a single composite video file through a post-session service. This file can be retrieved and replayed using any video player.
Group ChatAllows meeting participants to send one message to multiple recipients without setting up a local stream or a remote stream for the recipients. The participants do not need to subscribe to the same stream to communicate.
Custom SignallingAllows sending of messages containing instructions and data to session participants. For example, you can send messages containing structured instructions, polls, or any data with a customized data structure per your business requirement.
Canvas StreamingAllows participants to use canvas streaming to show a view in a video session.
File SharingAllows participants to share files with all other participants or privately with particular participants of a session.
Breakout RoomAllows users to participate in a discussion outside of the main video room (parent room).

Streaming Features

RTMP Live StreamingLeveraged to broadcast live video sessions to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, or other digital platform using an RTMP stream. In addition to the predefined layout, you can also define a custom layout for live streaming.
HLS StreamingHLS Streaming helps you reach large audiences with your video session in real time. It supports adaptive bitrate streaming to obtain the best quality of video based on the available network bandwidth at the receiving end.

AI Features

FaceAIEnhance video conversations with face analysis and emotion recognition AI. FaceAI is supported for all types of web and mobile applications.
Live TranscriptionAll endpoints requesting live transcription start receiving the Speech-to-Text content of all actively talking users of a video room through a notification event.
AnnotationParticipants who share their screen during a stream can add annotations on their screens and remote participants can view the annotated streams live.

Voice Call Features

Voice IntegrationThrough EnableX SIP/PSTN integration, users can join a video room using a landline, office desk phone, or a mobile phone without internet.

Additional Features

Data StoreYou can use the Video service to save data related to your video room, owners, users, and sessions. This data can be retrieved during and after a session through an API call.
Virtual BackgroundAllows users to blur their own video background or use images from their library as their video background.
Video UI KitsHelp you quickly create a video UI without having to read through the API documentation. They also handle all the complexities that you may face when creating the video application.
Calling UI FrameworkBuilt on top of the CallKit API, it provides a native telecom UI interface for iOS users or simulates a similar experience for app to app calling.
Floor Access ControlAllows participants to access the floor to publish the local stream in the Lecture mode.
Live StatisticsProvides the live media statistics of local, remote, canvas streams, and screen sharing being played at the endpoints.