What's New in Low-Code?

The low-code video application development method includes the following new features and improvements:

Breakout Room, Auto extend Conference, Auto Mic Off at login Page

July 7, 2023: We have updated Low Code Embed with some new feature:

  • Breakout Room: The break-Out room now has both audio and video support. Users can mute/unmute both video and audio. The Breakout Room owner or creator can invite participants from the Parent Room by simply dragging them into the customized breakout rooms. With a single click on the create room button, the room is created, and invitations are sent to the selected participants. Invited users receive notifications to join the Breakout Room and can accept the request for a seamless collaboration experience.

  • Auto-extend Conference: Moderators now extend the conference duration for an additional 30 minutes without getting a message pop up to extend the session, it can be auto extended for two times. Enable the auto_extend key to true for the desired room from the portal, granting moderators full control over the conference duration.

  • Auto Mic Off at login Page: Now, if there are more than 4 participants in the room, the audio will be automatically muted, and a convenient popover on the mic button will remind participants to join with their microphones off. This feature minimizes background noise and distractions, creating a focused and professional meeting environment.

  • Live Recording UI and Message Changes: Users can now initiate and manage recordings seamlessly within the interface. When the recording button is clicked, a “Recording is initiated” pop-up message appears, and the button becomes disabled. Actual recording begins when the button is enabled and starts blinking. Similarly, stopping the recording follows the same process. We have incorporated various messages to provide updates and notifications during intermediate states

  • Logged-in User’s Name at the Join: The Login Page now has a feature that displays the names of current participants in the room. When users join the session, their names will be shown, providing visibility and awareness of the attendees present in the room.

HLS Streaming, Raise-Hand, Keyboard Shortcuts

November 9, 2022: Low-Code Embed is updated with the following new sought-after features:

  • HLS Streaming: You can now make your webinar available to a larger audience using HLS streaming. The audience can only view the live stream but cannot participate in the conversation. HLS streaming is adaptive to available network bandwidth. This is a subscription-based service.

  • Speech-to-Text: You can now obtain live transcription of a video session on Low-Code Embed. The speech of all active talkers is converted to text and relayed to users who wish to get Closed Captions (CC). The text content is displayed as scrolling text on the video UI. This is a subscription-based service.

  • Raise a Hand: This feature is available in the Group Meeting mode. It helps to maintain decorum during video sessions. In a large party call, a user no longer needs to jump into an ongoing debate or conversation to talk. Instead, the user can click the Raise a Hand button to notify others that the user wants to talk. The user can talk when the moderator grants the permission to talk.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts help issue commands for the commonly used functions. Therefore, without using a mouse, a user can now issue commands using predefined keyboard shortcuts. For more information, see keyboard shortcuts.

Screen Sharing Override, Pause or Play Annotation

October 10, 2022: The Low-Code Embed functionality is updated with the following new sought-after features:

  • Screen Sharing Override: Moderators can now stop an ongoing screen sharing by other participants in a video session to allow others to share their screens or present.

  • Pause or Play Annotation: Users in a video room can now annotate on a paused video stream without interrupting the audio track. Also, a paused video can be played again while continuing with annotation on it.

  • Extensibility: Low-Code Video Embed can communicate with the parent window. Two new notifications are introduced to notify when users enter and exit a room. Also, the same webhooks are made available for custom coding to extend the Video Embed functionality. For more information, see Extend Video Embed.

Breakout Room and Device Testing at Landing Page

August 25, 2022: The Low-Code Embed functionality is updated with the following new features and UX improvements:

  • Breakout Room: Moderators can now split participants into one or more breakout rooms for side discussions and allow them to return to the parent room. In a session, a moderator is presented with tools to have a complete control of the number of breakout rooms that the moderator wants to create, the maximum number of participants to allow in each breakout room, which user to split in which breakout room, and so on.

  • Device Testing at Landing Page: Users can now test their microphone, camera in the login page through a Settings button. Users can record and replace their voices to test how the voice is being captured and experienced at the other end.

Extend Video Embed & Multi-Language Support

Apr 15, 2022: The Low-Code Embed functionality is updated with the following interesting features and service improvements:

  • Extend Video Embed: Though Video Embed provides customization options through Visual Builder and Query String parameters, many use cases need custom development. EnableX has now introduced a framework using which you can code to add a new feature and extend existing features by using an external library. You can hook your code library to many session events in real-time. For more information, see Extend Video Embed.

  • Multi-Language Support: Video Embed now supports multiple languages. The default supported language is English. However, through the Low-Code Embed setting from the EnbaleX portal, you can choose another language as the default language. in addition, you can switch to another language of users choice during a session. For more information, see Multi-Language Support.

Improved Recording UI and Screen Sharing with Active Talker View

Feb 15, 2021: The Low-Code Embed functionality is updated with the following interesting features and service improvements:

  • Improved Recording Layout: Video Embed now comes with an improved recording file layout. It can now record a session using the same UI as a participant would see in a desktop or a laptop browser. It means the browser view of Video Embed is used for recording. However, you must enable this feature in your account. For assistance, contact the Sales Team or your Account Manager.

  • Screen Sharing with Talker View: EnableX introduced a new screen sharing mode called as "Talker Mode", a view at the receiving endpoints with one video overlaid on the shared screen view. This video shows the most actively talking users. This requires the screen sharing presenters to opt for the screen sharing mode through the Settings tab.

Pre-Configured App Template, Leader View, Mode Switch and more…

Dec 3, 2021 - Easier Setup:

EnableX introduces a simplified Video Embed setup workflow with pre-configured application templates to choose from to help with a quick setup process. You can edit the selected template in Visual Builder or use it directly. For more information, see the Updated Setup Workflow.

New Features: EnableX introduced several new features in Video Embed that can be selected through Visual Builder.

  • Switch Room Mode: This is available under Settings Pullout. Moderators can switch between Group Conference and Webinar Mode in live sessions.

  • Leader View: Apart from Gallery View of Video Grid, you can opt for Leader View through Visual Builder. If you opt for both Gallery View and Leader View for Video Grid, you can opt for Default View to start a conference using the Switch-over button at the top bar, which enables you to toggle between both views.

  • New Query String Parameters: New parameters are introduced to control the top bar and its UI elements.

Device Access Issue with Mobility Integration: EnableX tries to address device access issues with Video Embed used in WebView in Android or iOS applications through different steps in the application setup process.

Communicating with Video Embed

Nov 18, 2021: EnableX introduces a communication channel between IFRAME Embed and the parent window to faciliate engagement with in-session Video Embed to create UI/UX. This will help application developers to execute predefined action-execution in Video Embed from the parent window and get notified about the status and events occuring in Video Embed. For more information, see Embed Video Meeting into Your App or Site.

Waiting Lobby Decorations through Query String Parameters

Oct 14, 2021: EnableX extends support for lobby decorations through Query String parameters. You can define a textual and image slideshow, play background music, or play a video. The image, music, and video file that would be used must be external fully qualified URLs. For more information, see Query String Parameters.