Video API v1.7 Release Notes

Date of Release: August 7, 2020

EnableX Video API v1.7 provides several new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

New Features

  • Live Streaming Support in Video Rooms: To enable you to reach out to larger audiences, EnableX supports RTMP live streaming of video sessions.

  • Screen Sharing using Android & iOS SDK: Screen sharing can now be initiated using EnableX Android and iOS SDKs. Therefore any native applications developed using these SDKs can include the screen sharing capability.


  • Improved Media Quality on Low Bandwidth: Significant improvement of media quality in low bandwidth conditions with appropriate resolution handling based on available bandwidth.
  • Increased Active Talker Support: Now 9 streams of active talkers are supported in a video session. In previous versions, only 6 streams were supported.
  • Increased Moderators in Lecture Mode: The moderator definition of the Lecture mode now allows 8 moderators. In previous versions, only 5 moderators were supported.
  • Optional Screen Sharing: Screen sharing can be explicitly enabled or disabled while defining a room. For backward compatibility, if screen sharing is not explicitly defined for a room, it is automatically made available for the room.


  • A new parameter is added in the makeOutboundCall API in the Android SDK.
  • A maximum of 8 moderators is supported in the Lecture mode.
  • Mixer is implemented for voice gateway.

Bug Fixes

  • Several fixes to prevent server crashing are included.
  • Race conditions are handled.
  • Fixes are made for handling the upcoming Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browser releases.
  • The room disconnection issue in the Web toolkit is fixed.
  • The audio issue that occurred when the application ran in the background is fixed in the Android SDK.