Video API v1.9.6 Release Notes

Date of Release: May 31, 2021

EnableX Video API v1.9.6 includes a new Pre-Call Test API method in Android and iOS SDKs to execute predefined tests to report WebRTC issues. In Web SDK, this API has been enhanced to check for audio and video bandwidth for application developers to decide whether to allow both video and audio calls or switch to audio-only calls.


  • Pre-Call Test: The Pre-Call Test API now includes a new test group for video and audio bandwidth with the TURN server. For more information, see Web SDK.

Android and iOS SDK

  • Pre-Call Test: A new Pre-Call Test API method has been introduced to perform pre-call WebRTC tests and report the issues through event as the method passes through each test that will be performed. These test cases that the method will execute are organized in test groups. For more information, see: