Video API v1.9.7 Release Notes

Date of Release: June 24, 2021

EnableX Video API v1.9.7 includes spotlight and quality adaption notification to the affected client endpoints to help application developers take decision whether to switch to audio-only mode or to receive less video streams.

Web, Android, and iOS SDKs

  • Quality Adaption Notification: Based on the available bandwidth, application developers can dynamically decide on how many active talker's videos to receive or to switch to audio-only mode. This can help target users with low bandwidth to get into audio-only mode without disrupting the session experience. For more information, see:

  • Spotlight: Moderators can spotlight a participant which pushes the participant's stream to the top of the Active Talkers list irrespective of the participant's activity level. The spotlighted participant's stream is always available on at the top of Active Talker list. For more information, see:

Web SDK Only

Pre-Call Test: The EnxRtc.clientDiagnostics() method is updated to remove the STUN Server Test. For more information, see Web SDK.