Video API v1.9 Release Notes

Date of Release: December 22, 2020

EnableX Video API v1.9 provides several new features and updates to many existing functionalities to support the new features in this release.

EnableX Server

Custom Network Detection URL: You can now configure the Network Detection URL at the system-level per media zones. This helps in on-premise deployments of EnableX. Low Bandwidth Signalling: Handling of signalling and connections at low bandwidth has been significantly improved.

In-Session Live Transcoding

To address immediate transcoding requirement for some use cases with two party calls where one party joins with audio and video and the other party joins with audio-only, EnableX supports live transcoding of two streams to provide single .webm file immediately after the session ends. To receive the transcoding data in a single file, you must define single_file_recording:true in the room settings. For more information, see Create a Room.

Web, Android, iOS SDKs

  • Live Media Statistics: EnableX provides live media statistical data to endpoints. Application developers can opt to receive statistics in the JSON format along with an event or an overlay with statistical data of each video player. For more information, see:

Web SDK Only

  • Media Zone Selection for a Room:

A session is hosted in any available media zone within the EnableX cluster which is decided at runtime while assigning resources for the session. Application developers can now choose a suitable media zone for a session from the list of available zones. For more information, see Create a Room.

  • Speaker Device Selection:

EnableX introduces the Speaker Device Selection API for supported browsers. Also, some of the existing APIs are modified to support the speaker and audio-out device configuration. For more information about new and updated APIs.