Video API v2.0 Release Notes

Date of Release: October 1, 2021

EnableX 2.0 provides several new features and improvements. The following are the main highlights of this release:

  • Join aside room
  • Room-mode switchover in a session
  • Ability to reject a breakout room invitation

Web, Andriod, and iOS SDKs

  • Reject Breakout Room Invitation: Participants are now empowered to reject breakout room invitations.

  • Switch Room Mode: Moderators can switch an ongoing session from Group mode to Lecture mode and vice versa.

Android SDK Only

  • Join Aside Room: A participant or a moderator of an ongoing session can join another room with audio or video. For more information, see Join Aside Room

iOS SDK Only

  • Exit Screen Share: A new method is introduced to notify the screen sharing broadcast extension to exit an ongoing session. For more information, see Exit Screen Share