What's New in Video Calling?

Video Calling provides the following new features and services:

Screen Share

Device Handling

Call Scheduling



Session Handling

100-Way Paged Video

The 100-way paged video feature is useful for addressing business use-cases that require access to other streams that may not be actively participating. While the "Active Talkers" feature allows the user endpoints to access only active talker streams, the 100-Way Paged Video feature allows users to access up to 100 users video streams in one room.

Interactive Session with 250 Users

Interactive session with 250 users allows you to host interactive video sessions with up to 250 participants.

Live Transcription

All endpoints requesting live transcription start receiving the Speech-to-Text content of all actively talking users of a video room through a notification event.

Flexible Definition for Video Quality

Experience smooth video with Flexible Definition (FD), automatically adjusting between HD and LD based on your connection, for seamless streaming in any bandwidth.

UI Development Tools