Programmable Voice API

The EnableX Voice API is your gateway to global voice communication. Designed for developers, this API facilitates the creation, reception, and monitoring of calls worldwide. With easy-to-implement interfaces, you can embed Voice-over-IP (VoIP), PSTN, and SIP call functionalities directly into your applications, browsers, or AI chatbots, all in your preferred programming language.


  • Call Operations: Use the API to initiate calls, offering seamless communication capabilities across various platforms.
  • Call Management: Accept or reject incoming calls efficiently, providing flexibility in how calls are handled in real-time.
  • Call Modification: Modify calls in progress, allowing for adaptable and responsive changes during ongoing communications.
  • Call Insights: Query the details of ongoing calls to gain immediate insights into call status, duration, and other metrics, essential for effective call management.
  • Secure Communication: Ensure secure and reliable communication between the EnableX platform and voice applications through webhooks. These are provided as part of the REST API or can be configured via the portal, forming a critical aspect of the subscribed voice services.

Business Use Cases

The Voice API Service is tailored to fit various business needs, including:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Develop advanced IVR systems for IP and PSTN environments.
  • Call Masking: Protect user privacy by masking phone numbers during calls.
  • Voice Message Broadcast: Implement large-scale voice messaging for broad communication.
  • Missed Call Service: Utilize missed calls as an effective tool for user engagement and feedback.

Developer Resources

Access a suite of resources for your development process: