Access Token for RCS API

EnableX has implemented Bearer Token and HTTP Basic Authentication mechanism with RCS API. This API is used to create one Bearer Token using which RCS API can be used for a limited time period.

If you are looking to use RCS API using Bearer Token, this API can be used to create a Token. The Token created can be used as Bearer Token in the Authorization Header for API requests.

Note that this is transactional Token, and gives access to APIs for next 60 minutes only. Any API call beyond the expiry time using the same Token will be denied. Therefore, you need to create another Token to continue using APIs.

Token API

This API call needs your RCS Projects Access Credentials i.e. App-ID and App-Key.

  • API Route:
  • Method: POST
  • JSON Payload: Passed as Raw Body content


"app_id": "String",
"app_key": "String"

Request Payload Explanation

KeyData TypeConstraintsDescription
app_idStringRequiredApp ID of EnableX Project
app_keyStringRequiredApp Key of EnableX Project

Request Example

Content-Type: application/json
"app_id": "String",
"app_key": "String"

Success Response

This is when a Token is received with expiry time

"code": 200,
"token": "String",
"expiry": Number

Response Explanation

KeyData TypeDescription
tokenStringThis is the token to be used in subsequent request until it expires.
expiryNumberUnix Timestamp in UTC. This is the time when the Token expires.

Failure Response

This is when a Token request fails for invalid API Credentials

"code": 1003,
"message": "Authentication failed",
"description": "invalid credentials or the account has been deactivated"

When Token expires?

You may manage it in 2 ways. You should implement both of the following while coding:

  1. Keep a note of the expiry key in the response of Token.
  2. All RCS API call with an expired token will the error.

Expired Token Response: When API is called with expired Token

"code": 1002,
"message": "Token Error",
"redason": "Invalid/Expired Token used"

In either of the cases, its warranted that you re-generate a Token calling this API.