Template Notifications


Templates are pre-defined messages that have been approved or rejected; where approved templates are used for business messaging.

Template Submissions

When a new template is submitted using API Call, the request must be accepted by RBM for processing. The API Response Code 200 denotes that it has been successfully submitted.

API Response

"code": 200,
"message": "Template request has been created",
"data": { "Complete Request Payload" }

Refer that the template name used in submission must be unique. The template name will be used for messaging as well we to receive any updates on the Template from RBM.

Template Approval Process

Submitted templates are reviewed and approved by RBM Team before they can be used. This usually takes little time, as high as 24hours. Template request may also get rejected if it doesn’t meet guidelines.

Template Status Updates

Whenever there is a change in status of Template, they are notified over Webhook Post using a predefined JSON Payload. The Notification will carry the same Template Name

Notification JSON Format

"agent": "{agent name}",
"type": "template",
"template": {
"name": "{template name)",
"status": "approved",
"type": "text",
"comment": "{String}",
"timestamp ": "{send time in UTC}",

JSON Explanation

KeyData TypeDescription
agentStringRBM Agent Name
typeStringValue template stands for Template Update Status.
templateObjectContains Template Infomration against which Status Update is being received.
timestampStringTimestamp in UTC. Format: 2024-06-24T06:42:16.950Z

Object Definition: For template Object

KeyData TypeDescription
nameStringUnique Templte name.
statusStringUpdated Status. Enumerated data: approved, rejected
typeStringType of Template. Enumerated data: text, card, carousel
commentStringDescrivie message related to status updated. For approved status, it carries Ok


Any Template Update notification received at Webhook must be acknowledged by returning HTTP 200 header in the same connection.

Refer the example below written in PHP, to return HTTP 200 header.

header("HTTP/1.1 200 OK");