UCaaS API - Video Meeting & Webinar solution

The UCaaS API helps easily integrate Video Meeting & Webinar Solution into third party applications. Here are some interesting characteristics of UCaaS API:


UCaaS API may be accessed using either of the 2 implemented authentication mechanisms, depending on how your application looks for the API:

  • Server-to-Server API Call: UCaaS API are designed for Server-to-Server Call using HTTP Base Authentication. This helps application developers integrate API server-based application.
  • Client-to-Server API Call: UCaaS API are also designed for Client-to-Server Call using OAuth2 Authentication process. This helps application developers use API directly to develop client endpoint applications without having to build a middle-tier API service to communicate among client, application server and EnableX UCaaS service. So, this enables client application to communicate with EnableX UCaaS service directly.

Role Based Authorization

Role based access to different API routes and data there in. API gives access to data in the following hierarchy:

  • Administrators: Role access to data of resellers, customers, and moderators.
  • Resellers: Role access to data of customers and moderators.
  • Customers: Role access to data of users.
  • Users: Role access for own data only.

UCaaS API Basics

The EnableX UCaaS APIs are typical REST APIs that use HTTPS requests and responses. This following topics provide basic information about using the APIs:

What's New

For most recent information about new features and improvements in the UCaaS APIs, see the following: