Video APIs

The video APIs help you embed live video calls into your website and applications. EnableX provides a robust set of APIs and SDKs to build engaging high definition video solutions like live video calling, group video calls, and interactive broadcasts. The EnableX platform is flexible and scalable, and provides building blocks to embed video solutions in your software and applications.

Common Use Cases for Developers

The Video APIs enable application developers to implement the following video capabilities in their applications:

  • Live Video calling: Embed high definition real-time videos into your apps or sites, primarily for one-to-one live video chats.
  • Group Video calling: Embed high definition real-time videos embedded into your apps or sites, primarily for one-to-one live video chats for group calls.
  • Interactive Broadcasts: Engage your audience by broadcasting live directly from your app or sites. The option to stream directly on YouTube or Facebook ensures high visibility and reach.


The following are the significant benefits of using the Video APIs:

High on quality and built on WebRTC, the EnableX platform is optimised with an intelligent network and artificial intelligence for low latency and offers superior quality video conversations. Irrespective of the type of the internet service, it provides a seamless call experience with minimal call drops and video quality degradation.

You can build your Video API with any browser, any language, and based on any platform (Android or iOS). It provides a white-labelled platform with multiple options to achieve a high level of customization. Video streams, UI, hosting, billing, and other core functionalities can be customised with company branding.

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The Video APIs provide the following core features:

  • Live Recording
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Screen Sharing
  • Watermarking
  • Live Streaming
  • Active Talker
  • Stream Pinning
  • Smart Network Optimisation
  • SIP Interconnection
  • Enhanced Security
  • Dashboard and Insights

How to use Video API?

You can use the Video Server API for server-to-server calling only, which means the application server can make API calls only. The client endpoint requests are denied by the API.

Some applications may require a provisioning request from the client endpoint using your Video Server API. In this case, the application server can use a server API call to request EnableX and process the responses received.

Viceo API Basics

The EnableX video APIs are typical REST APIs that use HTTPS requests and responses. This following topics provide basic information about using the APIs:

Viceo API Routes

EnableX provides the following Video Server API collections:

  • Room Management : For provisioning and media session management. They are used for room and token related tasks.
  • Media Session : For providing the token for client endpoint to join an RTC session on EnableX Platform.
  • Dial-In Numbers : For providing you a list of Dial-In phone numbers.
  • Post-Session-Reporting : For providing you the Call Detail Report for any WebRTC session and recordings and chat scripts for any WebRTC session.

Open API Tool

EnableX provides an Open API tool that enables you to test the Video Server API online much like POSTMAN. The tool is easy to use and helps you get started with the Server API. For more information, see the Open API tool.

For most recent information about new features and improvements in the video APIs, see the Release Notes.

Video SDK

EnableX provides Video SDK with a collection of APIs, sample code, documentation, and debugging tools that you can use to create, customize, and integrate video applications without having to build them from scratch.