Voice API

EnableX Voice APIs is a one-stop solution for making, receiving, and monitoring calls around the world using an Application Programming Interface (API). The API can embed Voice-over-IP (VoIP), Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), and SIP calling directly into your application, browser, or AI chatbots in your preferred programming language.

Common Use Cases for Developers

The Voice API enables application developers to implement the following voice-based capabilities in their applications:

  • Make, receive, or bridge calls
  • Play Interactive Voice Response (IVR) over IP/PSTN
  • Route voice calls to phones, browsers, and mobile applications


  • Make outbound calls to a SIP/PSTN using REST-based API calls.
  • Receive incoming calls on the EnableX Voice server over a webhook and initiate additional actions.
  • Bridge an incoming call to another number.
  • Play a custom IVR and collect user response over DTMF and take further programmable action.
  • Record and store inbound and outbound calls.
  • Create voice-only conference calls.
  • Call bridging and voice broadcasting.
  • Can play DTMF tones on behalf of users.
  • Send text-to-speech messages (in 40 languages) in 117 languages with different genders and accents.

The communication from the EnableX platform to the voice application takes place through secure webhooks provided with the REST API or configured from the portal as part of the subscribed voice services.

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