Programmable Voice API Authentication

The Voice API uses HTTP Basic Authentication mechanism to authenticate the API calls. Each API call is validated via the authentication header. The following information is used to access the Voice API for your application in the HTTP basic authentication header in the API call request.

  • Application ID or APP_ID as Username
  • Application Key or APP_KEY as Password
Authorization: Basic XXXXXX
Content-Type: application/json

The authentication header in this example contains a value XXXXX, which is a base64 encoded string of APP_ID:APP_KEY.

The Voice API credentials are paired with your voice project. You need to create a voice project first to receive the API credentials.

To create a project, log in to the EnableX Portal and navigate to Projects > Create New Project. You must include voice service in the project to receive an email with the project's access credentials: APP_ID and APP_KEY.