Voice API Release Notes

These Release Notes provide information about the voice calling releases.

Voice API v1.0

EnableX introduces a new offering that enables you to connect with legacy telephony and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), which provides a direct connection between private or local telephone systems (private branch exchanges, or PBX) and the public telephone network. With easy to use REST APIs, which also provide easy binding with any programming language, application developers can program voice calls to suit their applications. These APIs provide complete control on incoming and outgoing calls through secure webhooks.


The following features are supported in Voice API v1.0 release:

  • APIs are provided for the following features:

    • Handle incoming voice calls.
    • Dial-out voice calls.
    • Play real and TTS prompts in calls.
    • Receive DTMFs from calls.
    • Accept secure webhooks.
    • Bridge multiple calls.
  • Application Interfaces are provided for voice message broadcasting.

  • WebHook Security is provided for securing incoming and outgoing calls.

Known Limitations

The following known issues are currently researched and planned to be fixed in subsequent releases:

  • Multiple DTMFs are not accepted in a single API call. For every digit in the input stream, the server sends individual events.
  • A single phone number cannot be assigned to both inbound and outbound services.
  • Multiple prompts cannot be combined into single API call.
  • Multiple accents for the same language and same gender are not supported. In this version, this is only supportde for the gender.