Installing Video SDKs

Perform the following steps to install the video SDKs:


  1. Download SDK file to your project folder.
  2. Add the following tag within <head>...</head> of your HTML file: <script type="text/javascript" src="your_path/EnxRtc.js"></script>
  3. Start using EnxRtc

Android SDK

To install the Android SDK refer to this documentation.


  1. Install CocoaPods. For installment information refer to this documentation.
  2. In the terminal, go to the project directory and run pod init.
  3. To integrate EnxiOS into your Xcode project using CocoaPods, specify the pod name as EnxRTCiOS.
  4. After adding all the required library in the PodFile, go to the terminal and run pod Install.
  5. Reopen your project in Xcode using the new .xcworkspace file.

Note: To use the EnableX iOS SDK, add GoogleWebRTC and Socket.IO-Client-Swift(12.0.0) in your project with the following pod names:

'GoogleWebRTC', '~> 1.1.29229' 'Socket.IO-Client-Swift', '~> 15.0.0'

React Native SDK

The React Native plugin integrates Real Time Communication into the React Native application using the EnableX Platform. This plugin exposes all the required methods and their event listeners to communicate with the EnableX platform. It is recommended to have a valid token to start an RTC session.

To install React Native SDK, do the following:

  1. Open the terminal and go to your React Native project directory.
  2. Run the npm install enx-rtc-react-native — save command.
  3. Run the react-native-link enx-rtc-react-native command to install native dependencies.

After completing the installation, import enx-rtc-react-native in the class where you want to access EnableX communication feature. For example,

**import {Enx ,EnxRoom,EnxStream,EnxSubscribeStream,EnxPlayerView} from "enx-rtc-react-native";

Flutter SDK

  1. Create a Flutter sample project.
  2. Add Enx flutter SDK as a dependency in the pubspec.yaml file.
  3. For iOS, run the flutter build ios --no-codesign command.