Face Arousal Valence

Analyzes face arousal valence in a video stream. The event listener continuously gets the data in a JSON object as FaceAI analyzes the face arousal valence.


To start or stop analyzing face arousal valence in a video stream.

  • Class: EnxFaceAI
  • Method: public void enableFaceArousalValence(boolean enable)


  • enable : Boolean. Set it to true to enable or start the analysis of face arousal valence. Otherwise, set it to false.

Callback Method

  • onFaceArousalValenceData : This method is received repeatedly with the Face Arousal Valence Analysis report as a JSON object.

JSON Object: Received with Face Arousal Valence Analysis data.

{ output: {
arousalvalence: {
arousal: Number,
valence: Number,
affects38 : { "Afraid": Number, "Amused": Number, .. },
affects98 : { "Adventurous": Number, "Afraid": Number, .. },
quadrant : String

Analysis Data Explanation

  • output : Face Arousal Valence Report
    • arousalvalence : Filtered (smoothened) values.
      • arousal : Range 1.0 to 1.0. It represents the degree of engagement (positive arousal), or disengagement (negative arousal).
      • valence : Range -1.0 to 1.0. It represents the degree of pleasantness (positive valence), or unpleasantness (negative valence).
      • affects38 : An object containing the smoothened probabilities of the 38 affects in range [0.00, 1.00]: Afraid, Amused, Angry, Annoyed, Uncomfortable, Anxious, Apathetic, Astonished, Bored, Worried, Calm, Conceited, Contemplative, Content, Convinced, Delighted, Depressed, Determined, Disappointed, Discontented, Distressed, Embarrassed, Enraged, Excited, Feel Well, Frustrated, Happy, Hopeful, Impressed, Melancholic, Peaceful, Pensive, Pleased, Relaxed, Sad, Satisfied, Sleepy, Tired
      • affects98 : An object containing the smoothened probabilities of the 98 affects in range [0.00, 1.00]: Adventurous, Afraid, Alarmed, Ambitious, Amorous, Amused, Wavering, Angry, Annoyed, Anxious, Apathetic, Aroused, Ashamed, Worried, Astonished, At Ease, Attentive, Bellicose, Bitter, Bored, Calm, Compassionate, Conceited, Confident, Conscientious, Contemplative, Contemptuous, Content, Convinced, Courageous, Defient, Dejected, Delighted, Depressed, Desperate, Despondent, Determined, Disappointed, Discontented, Disgusted, Dissatisfied, Distressed, Distrustful, Doubtful, Droopy, Embarrassed, Enraged, Enthusiastic, Envious, Excited, Expectant, Feel Guilt, Feel Well, Feeling Superior, Friendly, Frustrated, Glad, Gloomy, Happy, Hateful, Hesitant, Hopeful, Hostile, Impatient, Impressed, Indignant, Insulted, Interested, Jealous, Joyous, Languid, Light Hearted, Loathing, Longing, Lusting, Melancholic, Miserable, Passionate, Peaceful, Pensive, Pleased, Polite, Relaxed, Reverent, Sad, Satisfied, Selfconfident, Serene, Serious, Sleepy, Solemn, Startled, Suspicious, Taken Aback, Tense, Tired, Triumphant, Uncomfortable
      • quadrant : A string representing one of the four quadrants in the cirumplex model of affect (“High Control”, “Obstructive”, “Low Control”, “Conductive”, or “Neutral”)

Diagrama: affects38


Diagrama: affects98


Diagrama: quadrant


Sample Code

enxFaceAI.enableFaceArousalValence(true); // To start analysis
enxFaceAI.enableFaceArousalValence(false); // To stop analysis
// Callback
public void onFaceArousalValenceData(String type, String value) {